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What do you guys think of this?The most influential PowerPoint ever to come out of Duke.For those of you sharing my rock, Karen Owen is a senior at Duke University who put together a page faux senior thesis — complete with a PowerPoint slideshow — about the student athletes she bedded.And everyone who sent it to me wanted to know what I thought about it.Karen Owen In three members of the Duke lacrosse team were falsely accused of raping the stripper they hired for their party In their defense all guys were.Most women under 25 with a slim and healthy BMI profile have no trouble getting laid from the men they find attractive.

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A Duke graduate rated her sexual encounters with 13 university athletes in graphic detail, then e-mailed it to just a few friends, who forwarded it to a few of their friends, who sent it on to a few of their friends, and so on.

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They would not have pegged her for the kind of dubious, viral fame she earned over the past two weeks.Miriam Weeks, an year-old freshman at Duke University, made headlines in January when she was outed as pornographic actress Belle Knox.By Andrew Hough.

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